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Egypt Customer

Purchasing of stand-alone production line: Valve Groove & Tip radius Grinding Machine, valve head grinding machine, upsetting machine, press machine and valve cut off machine. 


Purchasing director Global Valvetrain 
 of Federal-Mogul came to visit our company in August 2016. The following year, the official order double-station grinder.

Federal-Mogul, South Africa

In November 2017, They visit our company and then placing an order at the end of December.


Purchasing fully automatic engine valve production line and engine valve 


RANE Engine Valve purchases valve head grinding machine and valve stem end grinding machine for the BMW 4 Series production line.


Due to its long-term cooperation with Fuji, we are very satisfied with the quality and service of our products. Therefore, Fuji recommends that the Indonesian Fuji Company purchase the valve processing equipment from our company and the current cooperation is smooth.


Purchasing part of the valve grinder


Purchasing engine valve making machine 
Customer from Sebia in Auguest and purchase CNC Head Turning Machine, Valve Tip Quenching Machine, Servo Control Electrical Upsetting Machine and Hydraulic Control Electrical Upsetting Machine.  
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