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Plasma Welding Machine for Valve Seat

Plasma Welding Machine is special purpose machine for engine valve. It is used for welding seat face and tip end

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Plasma Welding Machine for Seat Face

Product Description

Plasma Welding Machine is used for weld seat face of engine valve. 

seat WELD.png

Technical Parameter

Before processing 
Processing range  Head diameter: 20-50 mm, Stem diameter: 5-10 mm, Length: 70-150 mm
Material  21-4N, 4Cr10Si2Mo, Imported: SUH:3, SUH:35,etc. Hardness: 25-45HRc
Run out of OD 0.1 mm
Run out of head TOP  0.1 mm
Stem Diameter  0<d<0.05
Head OD 0<D<0.15 
Straightness <0.03 mm
Valve Edge thickness  ≥0.8 

Main Parameter for Machine 

 Arc  No-load Voltage 60 V
Current  0-200A
Transfered Arc  No-load Voltage 60V
Current  0-400A
Feeder   Feed amount  0-50 g/min
load capacity  10 kg 
Torch  Weld current  5-250A
Powder size  80/325 mesh 
Gas Control 
Centre gas  0-5L/Min 
Powder gas  0-5L/Min 
Sheilding gas  0-10 l/Min


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