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Is Semi-auto Engine Valve Grinding Machine More Popular in South Africa

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Valve Grinding Machine is available in different forms. Each form contains particular tools and components. However, the simple valve grinding machine has a valve CNC stem grinding, CNC head of valve and a seat. You can divide it into two stations including seat and head.

Is Semi-auto Engine Valve Grinding Machine More Popular in South Africa?

At present, the semi-auto engine valve grinding machine is becoming popular in many countries including South Africa. South Africa is no doubt one of those countries that have the big guns of the industries.

This machine is popular because of its unique features. It is multi-purpose, and the businesses are using it for head top, treating OD as well as irregular grinding seat face. The stem of this equipment ranges from 5 mm to 13 mm. Nevertheless, the diameter of the head ranges from 18 mm to 64 mm. The overall length of this equipment varies from 71 mm to 221 mm.


The manufacturers created it with advanced technological innovation. So, the production capacity of this machine is excellent. There are some reasons for its popularity. You can see them below:

• The dual servo motor manages the feeding of the parts. Controlling the action of the cutting and cycling amount is essential.

• It contains the feeding and bed slider. It can temper the treatment of heat to remove stress. However, deformation is not simple at all.

• The touch screen manages the adjustments of the cutting amount. It can set the authorization password after the commission.

• By using the electrical filling pump, it is essential to lubricate the slider, feed guide rail as well as a ball screw.

• The CBN wheel of this equipment has a good speed that ranges from 80 to 140 meters per second. It is faster than the other material.

• There are an automatic loading and unloading program of this equipment which makes it stand out.

• The frame of this machine can meet diverse size valve and simple to adjust.

• The producers have installed a water recovery system in this machine which can stop the fluid from leakage.

• There is an alarm in the device which rings in case of emergency.


Application of Semi-Automatic Valve Grinding Machine

The manufacturers have made Semi-Automatic valve grinding machine for a particular purpose. It can process the engine valves of motorcycles, cars, trucks and so forth. South African businesses are using it for multiple reasons.


On the other hand, the engine valve production line has the capacity of 3000~4000 pieces per eight hours. It means that the role of production will be around 6000 to 8000 pieces in two days shift. The actual ability of this equipment depends on the engine valve size.

Maintenance & Installation

When it comes to the maintenance and installation of Semi-auto engine valve grinding machine, then you will be amazed! The machine does not require maintenance frequently. You can easily go for maintenance at a low cost.

Moreover, it is not expensive to install this machine. You can install it devoid of having an issue. It has a compact design due to which you can place it in a good place.

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