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Straightening Machine Straightening Machine

Straightening machine for engine valve is special purpose machine with automatic loader and hoist,automatic straightening and automatic loading. it consists of machine bed, autoloader, unloader, straightening components, hydraulic station, hydraulic oil cooling system

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  • Model: TSM-9-180
  • Product Description

Straightening Machine 

Products Description 

The equipment uses three roller spinning mode, PLC control. touch screen as interface. driven by servo motor. synchronize the valve head and stem alignment using high precision hydraulic valve to control swing arm wheel. equip with hoist to achieve one person monitor much multiple operations.

With the charateristics of high efficiency, high pass rate and reducing the intensity of labor and cost.


Rod diameter range 5mm-8mm 
Valve Length 80-150 mm 
Head diameter 17 mm-30 mm 
Material 21-4N, EN-52, Nim80A, Inc751
Head to stem run out ±0.15 mm 
Stem run out 
0.1 mm max 

Main Feature 

1) Synchronize the valve head and stem alignment, using dial to control the run out of head to stem and straightness of stem;

2) The speed is controlled by inverter. Straightening a piece when turn a half circle, running smoothly and quickly;

3) Adjustment the valve size using hydraulic;

4) Adjustment space position to meet the different size valve;

5) Indentation shallow on stem surface, non-destructive for stem;


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