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N95 Mask Production Line

N95 Mask Production Line

Introduction of N95 Mask Production Line

Introduction of N95 Mask Production Line

JNH mask machines are used for full-automatic folding mask production (typical models like N95 mask)

The working process of JNH N95 mask machines are follows: the multi-layer non-woven fabric rolls are subjected to cpmpound roll welding after feeding. nose strips are welded after unrolling and cutting. two rolls of rubber band are welded after automatically unrolling and cutting to designated length. then masks are folded in half. after ultrasonic welding and fusion, the masks are rilling-cut and formed. finally, we get finished N95 masks.

The masks produced by JNH have great filtration effect, perfectly fit face of people and are comfortable to wear without causing ang pressure. the masks can be applied to various fields, like  electronics, mining, construction, etc. JNH N95 mask machine uses PLC, touch screen control the main conveyor adopts unidirectional motor transmission, which can achieve precise movement, stable control and adjustable speed.

Main Feature

  • Full automatic productiln line;

  • High stability, low failure rate, industrialized in appearance, sturdy witout rust;

  • Computer PLC programming control, servo drive, high degree of automation;

  • Automatic tension control of raw material to ensure the balance of raw material tension;

  • Photoeletricdetection of raw material to avoid errors and reduce waste.

Process Chart Flow

Put raw material
Automatic feeding
Cut & insert nose strip
Pattern welding
Print LOGO
Ear band feeding & welding
Fold in half
Form welding
Cut waste
Collect finished mask

Overall Layout

Dimension: L10500MM*W1500MM*H2200MM


Function Introduction

We adopt advanced high-tech to sucessfully develop the N95 mask machine with high production speed, high stability and complete configuration;
Putting raw material on feeding rack, the N95 mask machine will automaticlly produce mask after well debugging. only one operator needs to deal with the packaging on production line, which realizes full automatic production. Ultrasonic welding is applied, so the machine is hygienic and environmentally friendly;

The production efficiency is 30-35piece/min. according to customer requirements, a variety of mask can be produced only by replacing some modules. this machine can produce various masks, including non-woven masks, smooth cloth mask, gauze mask, activated carbon mask, double nose strip mask, 3-6 layer of non-woven mask,etc.

The machines are industrialized in appearance, stable in performance, low in failure rate, small in size. Aluminum alloy structure makes the machines sturdy without rust.

Function Introduction

Technical Parameter

  • Capacity: 30-35 pieces/Min;

  • Color: white, accept customized;

  • Weight:≤5000kg, ground load≤500KG

  • Working power: 380VAC±5%, 50Hz, Rated power:15KW

  • Compressor air: 0.6-0.8 Mpa, Flow rate about 200L/min;

  • Operating environment: temperature 10-35℃,Humidity 5-35%HR, no flammable, corrosive gas, no dust ( cleanliness no less than 100,000);

Advantage description

  • High production efficiency;

  • Full computer PLC control, high degree of servo/step drive/automation, high stability and low failure rate;

  • Photoelectric detection of raw material to avoid mistakes and reduce waste;

  • Photoelectric detection and automatic counting in process of production (including total count and batch count);

Can produce the following 3 kinds of masks

Introduction of roll feeding
Introduction of fore section
Introduction of intermediate section
Introduction of last section

Technical Support

1. We will provide installation video & operation menu to customer, you can use the machines by yourself according to guideline;

2. In general, We support on-site installation and commission according to customer requirements of course, it is not free; Pay attention to, we cancel the on-site installation & commission until the virus disappear. We will provide assistance online.

3. We can provide raw materials of N95 masks if customer need.

technical support.jpg

After-sales Service

We understand that sometimes things don't always go according to plan which is why we offer a full after-sales service.

1. In the event of a machine breakdown we offer everything from replacement parts to engineers on site to get your machine back up and running in the shortest time possible.

2. Should you experience the maintenance problem we aim to respond to you by email or provide on site engineers within 24 hours.

3. We offer a range of maintenance and replacement parts for all our machines which are available to order directly from us.

After-sales Service for N95 Mask Machine

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