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Two Machine Packed to Delivery

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On April 24th, we packed two machines to prepare for delivery. One is a valve disc external grinding machine, and the other is a valve rod end drilling machine. Let me introduce the information of these two machines to you.

 valve disc external grinding machine

The valve disc external grinding machine is mainly used for grinding the engine valve head, grinding cycle and rough grinding surface. Our equipment is constantly being upgraded and processed with the latest technology. This machine can be produced either stand-alone or connected.

Main features of the valve disc external grinding machine:

1. tempering heat treatment, eliminating stress and not easily deforming;

2. The guide rail, the slider and the ball screw are automatically lubricated by the electric filling bore;

3. In addition to loading and unloading parts, all other plates are sealed, and the safety door lock system can also be installed according to customer requirements;

4. With automatic loading and unloading structure;

5. The frame can meet different sizes of valves and is easy to adjust;

6. With alarm device


The main part of the valve rod end drilling machine is drilled on the engine valve tip for welding. He is a machine dedicated to engine valves and is commonly used to treat lawn mowers, cars, motorcycles, trucks, boats and other engine valves.

Main features of the valve rod end drilling machine:

1 machine tool is welded plate;

2. The working process is controlled by the servo system;

3. Touch screen control;

4. Automatic loading and unloading system;

5. The guide rail is easy to adjust and can meet different sizes of valves.


In addition to these two machines, Tianzhijiao machinery produce other machines such as CNC Cutting Machine, Valve Grinding Machine, Quenching Machine, CNC Drilling Machine, Forging & Pressing Machine, CNC Turning Machine, Plasma Welding Machine.

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