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TZJ Machinery Visited Our Japan Customer

Views:73     Author:TZJ Machinery     Publish Time: 2019-06-06      Origin:Site

TZJ Machinery visited our customer in Japan, Since we have cooperated before, and we have visited the Japan customer on 18th, May, 2019.  we have talked about the machines running situations and any chance to cooperation again, or any service we can do for our customers.

The customer is nice to talk about our engine valve grinding machine line. the customer bought the machine one by one, not once a line. so we tested the machine running one by one for the sake of offering sound service, or knowing more informations about customer service items which we can offer to other cooperated customer, improving our serving ability.

We tested the first machine they purchased from TZJ, cnc rod cutting machine, the precision of the cnc cutting machine is important, their performance is excellent still since 2015. 

Then we test the machines one by one including most important automatic centerless grinding machinethis machine is core equipment we made. Centerless grinding machine is powerful engine valve grinding machine. it can grind round parts. We use it to grind stem of engine valve and groove of engine valve. it is fully automatic and in high speed. help you save cost and improve efficiency.


  • Machine accuracy: 0.001 mm

  • Jobs accuracy: within 0.003 mm after processing

  • 5 Axis servo motor drive dressing & compensation automatically of grinding wheel digital control

  • Automatic loading and unloading device can be installed to realize full automation

  • Spindle adapts ball bearing: good rigidity and easy to changeover

  • Grinding wheel speed is 40m/s. good grinding force.

It can be used to grind Aerospace Fasteners, and all precision requested jobs can be grinded by centerless grinding machine.

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