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Centerless Grinding Machine Centerless Grinding Machine

stem grinding machine is a universal grinding machine. It can grind round parts, we use it to grind stem of engine valve and groove.

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  • Model: CLG-600
  • Brand: Tianzhijiao
  • Code: 8460402000
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Centerless Grinding Machine  

Product Description:

Centerless grinding machine is powerful engine valve grinding machine. it can grind round parts. We use it to grind stem of engine valve and groove of engine valve. it is fully automatic and in high speed. help you save cost and improve efficiency.

Technical Parameter 

Stem diameter 5-13 mm
Overall length  190 mm 
Stem diameter tolerance  0.003 mm 
Stem roughness  Ra0.3 
Stem roundness 
0.005 mm 
Stem run out
0.005 mm 
Overall tolerance 

±0.5 mm 

rough grinding 0.1-0.2 mm 

finish grinding 0.02-0.05 mm 

No dent on the stem 



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