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CNC Head Turning Machine CNC Head Turning Machine

cnc head turning machine is special purpose machine for engine valve. it is suitable for processing the head OD, seat and chamfer of engine valve

Control system :
  • Mitsubishi
  • Siemens
Pneumatic Components :
  • AirTac
  • SMC
  • Hydraulic collets
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  • Model: CX40Z-CNC
  • Brand: Tianzhijiao
  • Code: 8458110090
  • Product Description

CNC Head Turning Machine 

Products Description 

CNC Turning Machine is a special purpose machine for engine valve. it is suitable for turning the head of engine valve.range from stem diameter 5 mm to 12 mm, length from 80 mm to 220 mm, head diameter from 20 mm to 50 mm.

Technical Parameter 

# Name  Parameter 
1 Overall length  80-220 mm 
2 Stem diameter  5-12 mm 
3 Head diameter  20-60 mm 
4 Seat Angle  44-70 degree
Run out of Seat  Max. 0.1 mm 
Run out of OD 0.1 mm 

Main Feature

  • The machine bed is installed at 45 degree, integral bed. the X/Z guide rail is high stiffness linear roller guide, ball screw placed in the middle of the two rails. transmission without dumping torque. machine running smoothly, good stability. ball screw and guide rail are lubricated automaticaly to extent the service life of ball screw and ensure the accuracy of feeding. 

  • Using spring collets ( hydraulic )and with autoloading and unloading mechanism. and can connection production. high efficiency low cost and suitable for a batch of production

  • All sealed conver. safety, clean and easy to maintenance

  • The loading and unloading can be adjusted to meet the different size valve.

  • Control system: Siemens/Mitsubishi system

Machine Parameter CX40Z-CNC 

# Specification  CX40Z-CNC 
1 Rotory diameter of machine bed  400 mm 
2 Rotary of slider  240 mm 
X-axis stroke  210 mm 
Z-axis stroke  450 mm 
Spindle though hole diameter  ¢56/66
Spindle headstoke  A2--5/6
Spindle tape hole  ¢70/1:20
Spindle speed  2500 rpm 
9 Tailstock  M5
Motor power  7.5 KW
Tool holder  horizontal 6/8
Fast feed speed  24m/min 

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