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Hydraulic Electrical Upsetting Machine
Hydraulic Electrical Upsetting Machine

Hydraulic Electrical Upsetting Machine Hydraulic Electrical Upsetting Machine

Electrical upsetting machine is special purpose machine for engine valve. it is used for forging head of engine valve.
Support manual and automatic loading & unloading

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Product Description

The electrical upsetting machinis used for forging engine valve. the stem diameter from 9 mm to 13 mm, Max length: 600 mm.

support manual and automatic loading & unloading.


Main Feature

  • Hydraulic system

◆ Medium pressure oil circuit, supply oil by vane pump, the hydraulic valve is mounted on the integrated oil block. Hydraulic valve adapts oil research series hydraulic parts;

◆ Proportional pressure regulator control pressure.

  • Heating system

◆ 30 KVA single phase transformer to heat, low voltage and heavy current;

◆ Adapt SCR voltage regulator, stepless regulation of primary voltage of transformer

  • Electrical and pneumatic system

◆ Using Mitsubishi PLC, Control module, touch screen and replacement encoder

◆ Setting Parameter

◆ Setting forging forward multiple distance

◆ Setting transformer multiple heating voltage

◆ Display the real time position of forging cylinder

◆ Low-voltage electric is Schneider

◆ Upsetting cylinder stroke is controlled by encoder

◆ Operate function: Adjustment, semi-Auto, Auto, you can choose by operator

  • Cooling system

◆ Cooling for anvil electrode, clamping electrode, hydraulic oil.

◆ Water pressure: 3-3.5 Bar

Technical Parameter

S/CName Specification Unit Remark 
1Max forging force 40 KN
2Max clamping force 10KN
3Max. stroke of forging cylinder 400mm 
Max. Stroke of anvil 100 mm
Max. stroke of clamping 50mm
Rod diameter 9-13mm 
Rod length 600mm 
8Heat power 50KVA  2 Sets
Primary Voltage 380V
Secondary Voltage 0-4.04VStepless 
Oil PumpSpecification YB1-25
2 sets
Pressure 6.3Mpa 
10Motor Specification Y132S-6
2 sets
Power  3kw 
Speed 960r/min 



Heating rod metal


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