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How the small engine valve be made by TJZ machines?

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As there saying from China, the small engine valve needs complete production processing line to make by complicated articrafts. where is engine, there is engine valve, it takes below steps normally:

1, Raw material like stainless steel bars, the stainless steel bars should be in different sizes and lengths according to the customers needs and drawings.

2, There is CNC cutting machine to cut the steel bars according to the ruled length.

3, Take the standard sizes steel bars to valve grinding machine to grind the six important parts, and every part of  the valve part need a consequent valve grinding machine to make.

4, As for the small valve manufacturing process, rest of the parts are made by CNC drilling machine, forge machine, plasma welding machine and so on, every step equal one machine.

Since the engine valve is used to input and output the fuel of the cars or the motercycles, they are standard match with the all equipments with engine. and they are in pairs.Most making processing for input engine valve and output engine valve are same, several steps more to output engine valve, we are looking for the distributors in the worldwide for long time cooperation, so the machines quality are guaranteed if you ordered our machines, there will have manual and installation guide for you to install and maintain.

CNC cutting machine and valve grinding machines are hot sale products recently and price in wholesale, if you are interesting with the products or other business partnership buidling,pls contact us for better understanding and cooperation.



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