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Valve Grinding Production Line
valve design
Tianzhijiao Factory
Professional Original Equipment Manufacturer of Automatic Engine Valve Production Line 

Valve grinding machine

Drilling machine

Special purpose machines for drilling a hole on the tip of engine valve for welding
CNC Valve Drilling Machine

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Forging & pressing machine

Special purpose machines for  valve forging & pressing machine
Electrical Upsetting Machine
Press Machine
● Automatic Valve Blanking Production Line

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We design and produce each machine according to customer demands and requests. Professional technology, reasonable price, accurate delivery time and good after-sales service are our advantages!
Quality is our culture. Our quality goal is "meet the needs of customer, exceed the customer expectations".
10+ years manufacturing experience
Customized & Design
CNC+PLC+Servo control system, more efficient and precise, save the cost.
After-sale service 
7*24 stand by

Company News

  • CNC cutting machine can be used in so many different areas, becoming increasingly more important in people’s life. To introduce CNC cutting machine in TZJ with more details, TZJ contains two products in this series, CNC rod cutting machine and CNC value cut off machine. TZJ designs and manufactures

  • With the rapid development of industry, the types and numbers of machine tools have increased rapidly, and the technical requirements have also greatly increased. The invention and use of the quenching machine not only improved work efficiency, but also reduced unnecessary costs for the company.

  • CNC machining process has found application in several fields and sectors. Significant amongst is the automobile industry. It has been applied in the engine valve. An essential tool used in this process is the automatic CNC engine valve grinding machine which comes with an automatic tool changer.

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