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Forging Machine

Forging Machines Description

As a professional forging machine manufacturers, we offer the forging machines are special machine for forging the head of engine valves. Forging machines allows more minerals to infiltrate the metal particles, thereby improving the strength and heat resistance of the parts, which ultimately benefits the increase in engine speed and power output. At the same time, forging machines can also improve the friction coefficient of some parts. For example, a piston made by a forging process can better reduce the coefficient of friction of the surface. 

Forging Machines Composition :

The forging machines production line is mainly composed of vertical double-column structure electric upsetting machine; hydraulic system; heating system; electrical control system and water cooling system.

Forging Machines Host:

The forging machines has a double-column structure, and the working surface is processed by a large machine tool to ensure the accuracy of machine assembly. Anvil system parts, clamping system parts, upsetting system parts, etc. are installed on the machine body.

Advantages of Electrical Heating Upsetter:

1. The operation of the electrical heating upsetter is simple and convenient, and compared with the overall processing, it saves materials and reduces costs.

2. The bed adopts the servo system, which makes the upsetting process more stable and the shape adjustment of the electrical heating upsetter  is easy.

3. Real-time monitoring of electric upsetting temperature, the upper limit temperature can be set and there is an over-temperature alarm.

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