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For installation of this line your people is needed? or we can do ourselves?

The purchaser can't install & commossion the engine valve line. We will assist the customer to install. But the expenses are paid by the purchaser.

What is the capacity of engine valve production Line?

The standard capacity of engine valve line is 3500~4000 pieces/8 hours. 2 shaift/7000~8000 pieces. ( It is also up to the valve size).

How Many people are needed from raw material to ready valve ?

We can provide complete engine valve production line from raw material to ready valve. We also can provide technical support for processing engine valve.
From raw material to ready valve, it will need about 15~20 people. If your staff are good at operation, you can reduce the number of operator.

What can we do for Customer?

Firstly, we are professional manufacturer for cnc engine valve grinding machine. We have more than ten years experience in processing engine valve grinding machine. Our technology adapt Japan and Taiwan technology and through many years innovation, the technology has mature.
Now, we have successfully developed fully automatic engine valve production line. And also put into use. Get good praise from our customer.
1. We can set up complete automatic engine valve production line according to customers needs.
2. We can make upgrade proposal according to customer real conditions.
3. Provide technical training for how to operate and install. in our company. of cause, it's free.
4. All machines have one year warranty. Within warranty period, Any questions except for man-made damage we offer the cost.
5. We can set up operation standard, technical guidence.

How long is the delivery?

After placing an order, When we receive the advance payment, we will arrange production. The delivery time is about 60 working days.


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