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Features of CNC Grinding Cutting Machine for Engine Valve

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There are many people never seen an automatic CNC engine valve grinding machine with an automatic tool changer (ATC) or know of its many productivity and quality advantages. CNC valve grinders can increase profitability, productivity, and part quality by combining multiple operations in one part chucking to:

Save manufacturing cost per square foot (according to the floor space requirements)

Use advanced pallet changer, automatic tool changer technologies

1. Automatic tool changer

Integration of the vertical or horizontal grinder allows the use of six wheels or more depending on machine size, and more wheels can be qualified and stored on the machine. facing operations can be done in one chucking. Setup time is reduced by tooling up the machine for the most popular jobs and not having to change or requalify the wheels. This helps with small batch runs by reducing setup time, typically requiring only a fixture and program change. Inserting or removing wheels from the ATC is done through an access door in the side of the machine enclosures, napping one in or out.

2. Workpiece rigidity

Spindle mounting faces for a typical horizontal universal machine with an 18" part swing are usually around 8". Users are frequently mounting large fixtures with less than 50% face contact. The same-sized vertical grinder offers 100% face contact up to 22". Parts sit against the back of the jaw or fixture, clamping requires less force, and there is less part distortion and better roundness and accuracy. Especially with larger parts, workpiece rigidity is an advantage for vertical grinding.

3.Save the cost 

Centerless engine valve grinding machines have traditionally come with a higher cost of ownership when compared to vertical ones because horizontals have all of their precision axes and spindles in the coolant contamination zone. Grinding swarf accumulation in and around the linear axis and wheel spindles is unavoidable. Verticals have all their linear axes and grinding spindles designed up and away from the contamination zone, helping maintain performance & accuracy longer and with less maintenance. The two big measurables here are maintenance cost savings and increased spindle run time.



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