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Friction Weld Machine

Friction Welding Machine Description:

The friction welding machine uses the heat generated by the friction between the end faces of the workpiece to make it reach a plastic state, and then upsets to complete the welding method. Because chips are often firmly stuck to the cutter head when turning workpieces, and local welding will also occur when the lubrication between the shaft and the bearing bush is poor, friction welding is invented based on these phenomena.

A Reliable Friction Welding Machine Manufacturers:

We manufacture friction welding machine for welding rods and pipes. The process is simple, the quality is good, the working conditions are good, the productivity is high, the power consumption is small, and it is easy to mechanize and automate. Friction welding is widely used in the factory production line for the connection of engine combustion chambers, exhaust valves, shafts, bushings, rods, pipes and flanges, oil drill pipes and drill cores, and the connection of variable-section rods. There will be no intermetallic compounds after joint welding. Friction welding is also commonly used for welding dissimilar metals, such as aluminum and copper, steel, nickel, magnesium alloys; copper and steel, silver, etc. Friction welding is especially widely used in the welding of aluminum-copper wire transition joints.

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