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Precision Engine Maintenance: A Comprehensive Guide to Using Valve Grinding Machines

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Valve grinding machine is a commonly used machinery equipment for grinding engine valves. In the automotive repair industry, the valve grinding machine can not only precisely grind the angles and dimensions of valves but also effectively improve engine performance and extend the engine's lifespan. This article will introduce the usage method of the valve grinding machine.

I. Installation of the Valve Grinding Machine

The valve grinding machine should be placed on a horizontal surface to ensure stability, and the bolts should be tightened. Place the rod at the bottom of the valve grinding machine on the support, lift the valve grinding machine by rotating the handle to the right until the rod is installed without pressure. Open the machine cover, remove the push rod and grinding head, insert the valve grinding head into the support rod, rotate the handle, and lower the grinding wheel to ensure that the grinding wheel does not touch the ground. After installation, a trial run can be performed to ensure the proper operation of the valve grinding machine.

II. Inserting the Valve to be Ground

Place the valve to be ground on the valve seat and securely fasten the screws on the valve seat. Inspect the contact surface between the valve and the valve seat to ensure there are no scratches or wear. When equipped with a professional valve fixture, install the valve fixture on the valve seat and adjust it to the appropriate position for proper valve grinding.

III. Start Grinding the Valve

Start the valve grinding machine, wait for the grinding wheel to reach a certain speed, place the valve fixture or valve seat on the valve rocker arm, adjust the position of the valve grinding head to ensure that the grinding wheel is aligned with the valve. Begin grinding the valve, starting from the front face of the valve, then flip the valve and grind from the back face. The grinding time should be based on not wearing out the valve surface.

IV. Adjust the Valve Grinding Angle

During the valve grinding process, it is necessary to adjust the grinding angle to achieve the desired grinding effect. There are two methods to adjust the grinding angle: one is to determine the grinding angle through the glass rod on the grinder, and the other is to adjust the valve fixture to achieve the ideal grinding angle. After adjustment, proceed with grinding.

V. Clean the Valve and Machine

After grinding, it is necessary to clean the valve and the grinding machine, wash the cutting edge and equipment surface clean for the next use. When cleaning, take out the valve and use a clean cloth or air gun to clean the valve. After cleaning, inspect various mechanical components and check for any damage. If there is damage, it needs to be replaced promptly to ensure the best results every time.

VI. Maintain the Valve Grinding Machine

The valve grinding machine is a high-intensity device that requires correct maintenance during use. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the machine are necessary, and regular replacement of abrasives and cutting edges should be ensured. Also, periodic inspection of mechanical components such as the crankshaft and bearings is required. If any issues are found, they should be repaired or replaced promptly.

In conclusion, the correct usage of the valve grinding machine can provide more efficient services for the maintenance of automobiles and extend the vehicle's lifespan. Therefore, when using the valve grinding machine, attention should be paid to the aspects mentioned above, and continuous learning and practice should be undertaken to master more operational skills and better unleash the potential of the valve grinding machine.


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