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Rod Cutting Machine

Rod Cutting Machine Rod Cutting Machine

Rod cutting machine is used for cutting round bar for engine valve. This cutting machine has the advantages of stable performance, safety and reliability, and convenient operation. Stem diameter from 5 mm to 13 mm, overall length: no more less 450 mm.

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Product Description

The rod cutting machine is a motor that drives the cutting piece to perform high-speed rotation through a belt drive. The motor and the worktable are supported by hinges. The lifting hydraulic cylinder can push the cutting piece to move up and down and drive the blade to complete the sequential cutting action. 

Reliable Rod Cutting Machine Suppliers

The rod cutting machine we provide is stable in performance, safe and reliable, and easy to operate. It reduces the labor intensity of workers, realizes automatic control, improves product quality, and improves labor productivity.

Technical Parameter

Stem diameter 5mm to 13 mm 
Cutting length 60 mm to 450 mm 
Rod length range 2.5 m to 4.5 m 
Cut tolerance 0.05 mm 
21-4N, 4Cr9Si2, Imported: SUH:3, SUH:35
QualityNo burr 



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