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CNC Rod Cutting Machine CNC Rod Cutting Machine

Rod cutting machine is used for cutting round bar for engine valve

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  • Model: TCM-1 /ST40-23
  • Brand: Tianzhijiao
  • Product Description

CNC Rod Cutting Machine 

Product Description:

Rod cutting machine is special purpose machine for engine valve, it is used for cutting round bar.

Stem diameter from 5 mm to 13 mm, overall length: no more less 450 mm.


Stem diameter 5mm to 13 mm 
Cutting length 60 mm to 450 mm 
Rod length range 2.5 m to 4.5 m 
Cut tolerance 0.05 mm 
21-4N, 4Cr9Si2, Imported: SUH:3, SUH:35
QualityNo burr 


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