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Engine Valve Engine Valve

Engine valve is a device that controls the passage of air and fuel in the engine, with one being the intake valve that allows for the intake of fuel and air into the cylinder and the other being the exhaust valve that allows for the gasses to emit the chamber. The intake valve is bigger than the exhaust valve.

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Product Description

The valves in the car engine have multiple purposes, the most important one being that they allow for the intake of both fuel and air. Then the exhaust valve emits the burned gasses out of the chamber.

We can produce many kinds of engine valve, below is the detail:

Head Diameterφ20mm~φ60mm
Stem Diameterφ5mm~φ14mm
Overall Length60mm~180mm
Material21-4N, 21-4NWNb, 4Cr10Si2Mo(SUH:3), 5Cr21Mn9Ni4N(SUH:35)


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