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A group of people from Zhejiang University visited the factory

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Students and teachers from the prestigious Zhejiang University visit Tianzhijiao, the Chinese giant equipment manufacturer. This is part of the academic learning techniques for relating the theoretical knowledge to practical aspects of the studied courses, in terms of industrial unit operations, process and design concepts.

professor Shen visited our factory

Tianzhijiao has been chosen out of the many industries in China because of their strength in the manufacturing sector. The company offers itself as a complete learning ground for the students in the engineering field who want obtain a first-hand experience about the operations and processes in the manufacturing field.

Tianzhijiao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is a company that specializes in the design, manufacture and distribution of a wide range of special purpose machines for engine valve such as the high quality valve grinding machine, as well as other machines, and accessories. Majority of their exports are to Japan, South Africa, North America, Europe and South-East Asia.

There are lots of positive reviews about the many great features of the machinery available in the company’s portfolio. One of such features is the ease of operating the machines. Technological advances in the field of machine manufacturing try to address the issue of complexity of operating a machine. And the company moves with the trend.

Hence, operating these machine set does not require extra knowledge as it is user friendly. Also, these machines come with an operation and safety manual which makes it easier for an operator to handle. Installation is simple as the machines do not require extra storage space.

In addition, the machinery from Tianzhijiao, such as the CNC cutting machine is quite easy to maintain. The various parts can undergo routine maintenance depending on the level of operation. However, the various components of the machines are made of standard quality.

The products from tzjmachine are already dominating internal and external markets. For example, the CNC cutting machine in China is now an equipment of focus due to the numerous applications in manufacturing.

Another important equipment is the valve head and seat grinding machine for sale in China as well as the global market. The high quality valve grinding machine proves to be at the top of the list for the best grinders in the global market.

The quality of these machine set distinguishes the company from other competitors. This is one of the reasons that students as well as researchers often pay the company a timely visit to learn more about both manufacturing and business processes.

It is also important to mention the reliability of the machines from Tianzhijiao. This quality has set the company to the top list of best machine manufacturers at the national and international level. The products have garnered lots of positive reviews from within and abroad.

Also important to mention is the durability of the various machines. The quality of the machine also takes into account safety of operation. The machines has functionalities that allow protection from operator’s mistakes.


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