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CNC cutting machine in Marble machining

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The Computer Numerical Control machining is a process or system used to control machinery or tools using a computer. Using specialized software, it is possible to program the orders so that the machine works correctly.

There are several applications of the CNC cutting machine as seen in the various manufacturing and production industries. One of such important applications is in the marble production industries.

CNC cutting machine

Marble is very popular Marble machine among artists, dealing with the treatment of solid products. The main characteristic of this material is soft. Quite solid stone and easy to work hard, marble, on the contrary, quite soft.


Despite this feature and a little processing marble relief, relatively stone. Marble making is a tedious process and requires adherence to a certain sequence. For marble specialists used machine for processing marble. Most marble processing machines equipped with automated equipment. Crafting marble by hand has long been a rarity, and more and more stores are working with modern, high-quality equipment, allowing much faster and better handling of this material. Marble machines processing are varied. To carry stationary machines with large field for machining a workpiece and belong to a manual drills, grinding machines and so on.


Procedure for cutting marble slab into smaller slabs quite complicated process and masters use specialized machines CNC cutting machine for marble processing called - cutting. These machines for processing marble slabs are classified by direct - power. These stations are both stationary and mobile cutting work and produce slab "in place". These machines can be used by masters as indoor (store) and outdoor sweat - on site of order execution.


Marble slab cutting work can be done using a special "water cutting". This tool is very versatile. This tool works in addition to marble slabs and stone slabs. The main disadvantage of this instrument is the price, many stores with good intentions, cannot afford.


Polished stone is also an important process in marble processing. This work is carried over to mills and tracers. This equipment is equipped with a water supply system and soft start speed control system. These features make it possible to maintain the highest quality outings and reduce marriage numbers, minimizing cost of time and effort.


For the manufacture of the bas-reliefs, balusters - use hand drills with replaceable nozzles. In some cases, these machines are equipped with numerical control.


Specialized CNC high-quality marble processing machines - is a group of tools for complex marble processing, which allows to increase the output level of the masters of production.

Why buy CNC technology?

The CNC technology has already taken over the market. In case you’re contemplating on the reason to get this technology for your business, here are just some of them to consider;

Increased production,

· innovation,

· quality,

· efficiency,

· effectiveness,

· cost reduction and

· increased return on investment which is the eye of any business venture.

CNC machines are definitely an important technical axis in today's industries and Tianzhijiao machine makes them available to you, because we understand that success is no accident.


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