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CNC drilling machine: Automated production at the service of the industry

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The CNC drilling machines are industrial production machines, automated predetermined shapes used to drill raw materials. The machine is equipped with a CNC which means Computer Numerical Control. The CNC refers to certain computer programs that control the operating cycles of the machine.


What are CNC drills like?

These devices are tower-type machines, consisting of three main modules: a power tower, a bed for the matrix, which moves in two dimensions, and a set of controls that include the computer area.


The material process involves the drilling of a workpiece, typically a thin sheet of metal, which is moved to the impact position along a computer-programmed X and Y axis. When the workpiece is in position, the program tells the mold to move downward to form or cut the desired shape, and then the cycle repeats again.


Column CNC drills.

These are large machines normally used in industrial environments, controlled by equipment that requires very little interference from an operator during the drilling cycle. They are equipped with a hydraulic power piston and a set of dies housed in a tower that is attached.


Both the template and the drill are controlled by a central computer, which has been fed with a set of sequential operations, for cutting dies. In this way, the machine will automatically make the workpiece with a predetermined punch cycle pattern.


This automated operation is generally extremely accurate and fast, with the typical drilling cycle measured in milliseconds, allowing for excellent production rates and high levels of precision. The CNC drilling machines are also very economical, since the program can reduce the amount of waste or the generation of a small amount of waste of any workpiece.

 High Precision Valve Tip Drilling Machine

This equipment not only allows high production speeds and exceptional precision, but can also drill more complex shapes than other machines that fulfill similar functions.

Many materials can be engraved using CNC drilling machine, including:


Wood - The laser char or burn many natural materials like wood.



Metals (metal requires much more power and sometimes specific types of lasers that operate frequencies that work more efficiently with metal).


Types of laser for engraving

CO2 laser

The CO2 laser is one of the most common type of laser in CNC drilling machines. These machines make use of a CO2 gas filled tube. They have very high beam efficiency and quality, as well as being quite accessible. They are designed for processing non-metallic materials such as glass, leather, and paper.


Fiber optic laser

A fiber optic laser CNC cutter is a tool that features high quality laser technology. This generates a laser beam through a resonator, which is transported through a fiber optic cable (considered the best means of conducting energy). They produce a beam 100 times more concentrated than a CO2 laser, making them ideal for metal applications. They are also good for plastics.


Now that you know about laser engraving applications, we invite you to discover our complete catalog of CNC drilling machinery so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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