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Workpiece Spinning: The Exceptional Application of CNC Head Turning Machine

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Different machinists over the years have made use of the turning technique, on different kinds of material. It has been practiced on wood to make different difficult cylindrical designs for use in handles, tools and furniture.Currently, turning is an integral part of the metal manufacturing process, and a key method used by precision.Turning is the procedure of circling a workpiece and carrying it into contact with a cutting tool. 

As the workpiece is rotating, the motion powers the cutting tool to shred away material. There can be a linear change in the cutting tool itself, which can be either perpendicular or parallel to the axis of the rotating workpiece.The resulting shape of the workpiece is determined and the cuts made in turning, is determined by the motion and shape of the cutting tool.Nevertheless, it is vital to patronize a reliable CNC head turning machine so that you can get good value for your money.


What kinds of parts require turning?

The over-all procedure of turning includes rotating a part while a single point cutting tool is moved parallel to the alignment of rotationNormally, the turning action gives rise to the conical or cylindrical surfaces.The rotating motion, in most cases, leads to the radial symmetry. 

CNC Head Turning Machine

Turning can be done on the outward surface of the part as well as the inner surface, the preliminary material is usually a workpiece generated by other processes such as molding, forging, drawing or extrusion Many parts and products depend on turning to make virtually all of their surfaces. Some parts can be machined almost entirely by means of turning, like cylindrical tools, balusters and bolts.On the other hand, conical or cylindrical surfaces of other parts are realized by the turning action as well as other processes such as sawing or milling to create more shapes.


What tools are used for turning?

A lathe is a machine and it is used principally for shaping or turning pieces of metal, wood, or other materials by making the workpiece to be apprehended and alternated by the lathe while a cutting action is made by means of the tool bit.


However, other machining processes where the lathe can be applied include knurling facing, reaming or boring. This is in addition to turning.Some parts that make up the traditional lathes include the following:


Head stock 

This comprises a spindle that grips and alternates the workpiece and can be used for round and square stocks


Tail stock

This tail stock is situated at the opposite end of the headstock and contains a "midpoint," which is used to fittingly position the workpiece along its axis and this may be used to turn lengthier shafts and cylinders



This is the part of the lathe that changes the cutting tool along the rotating axis, and grips the cutting tool and all devices that govern the cutting tool's motion.


In contemporary lathes and machining centers, the carriage frequently holds a turret, which allows tools to be swapped mid-process.


Cutting Tool

This is the part that initiates contact with the workpiece to remove material


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