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Our Client Bought 7 Sets Of High-Quality Engine Valves From Tianzhijiao

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In the past fifteen (15) years of service as a leading manufacturer of various engine valve manufacturing company, we have enjoyed the privilege of doing business with a lot of customers all over the world.


Interestingly, most of our global clients are also companies and industry moguls who are keen and meticulous about quality. For this reason, they see us a trusted brand with similar values whom they can trust and partner with. So, on our partner, we make conscious efforts to ensure that we live up to expectations in terms of quality service and product delivery, commitment to quality as well as being innovative.

 engine valves

All of these, we do in order to ensure that we are constantly ditching out the best for all our clients at every point they call on us for one service, product or the other.


Consequent to our high level of commitment to quality, one of our global client is ATS MOTOR PARCALARI SANAY VE TIC, a global and reputable automobile company that is based in Turkey.


Due to our unswerving commitment to quality, this company has been into business with us for the past 5 years, and both parties have enjoyed a high level of satisfaction in all our business transactions.


Being a reliable partner to us, we had the opportunity of having some business deal with ATS MOTOR PARCALARI SANAY VE TIC, and in the business transaction we receive a total of 1490 pieces of tested engine valves from them.


As a company that we have worked with for the past 5 years, we were guaranteed that the quality of engine valves we are receiving from them will be nothing less than the best products in the market.


By confirmation, when the said engine valves were tested by our team of engineers, they were all proven to be of the same quality an standard, which we have also received from the company for the past years.


Also, being a company that also source for the best equipment from us, we also enjoyed a huge patronage from ATS MOTOR PARCALARI SANAY VE TIC as they partnered with us recently for some of our high quality engine valve processing equipment.

engine valves 

In the transaction, we supplied a total of 7 sets of valve processing equipment to our business partner in Turkey, and the list of the products supplied include;

1. 1 Valve groove grinding machine, model: MUG-A

2. 1 Valve head multiple use grinding machine, model: VRG-400

3. 1 Valve seat grinding machine, model: VFG-600

4. 1 Valve cut off machine, model: VEC-380

5. 1 Plaque weld machine, model: KL-610

6. 2 Centerless grinding machines, model: CLG-600


On the receipt of these equipment and after putting them to test, our client in Turkey were really impressed that the level of standard in which they have always known us for, is still the same level in which we are currently operating in.


Thankfully, they assured us of their continued patronage since we are committed to being the best so far whom they can trust.


Partner with us for the best engine valve.

We are the best brand in the industry and we are always committed to quality per time when it comes to the design and manufacture of the best engine valve.


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