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CNC Valve Seat Grinding Machine CNC Valve Seat Grinding Machine

Valve Seat Grinding machine is suitable for grinding seat face of inlet valve and exhaust valve. PLC Control, Driven by servo motor. With automatic loading & unloading mechanism

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  • Model: VFG-600
  • Brand: Tianzhijiao
  • Code: 8460909000
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Valve Seat Grinding Machine

Product Description 

Valve Seat Grinding Machine is special purpose machine for seat face of engine valve. Ranging from stem diameter: 5-8 mm, head diameter: 20-50 mm, overall length: 80-150 mm. The machine can single production and also can be connection production. Our equipment is continually upgraded with latest technologies in processing engine valve. 

Technical Parameter

Before Processing 
Processing Range  Head diameter: 20-50 mm; Stem diameter: 5-8 mm; Ovrall length: 80-150 mm          
Material 21-4N, 4Cr10Si2Mo  Imported: SUH:3, SUH:35, etc.  Hardness: 25-45 HRc
Stem run out: 0.005 mm , Head run out: 0.1 mm, Seat angle: 44-70 degree
Grinding allowance: 0.02-0.2 mm
After Processing 
 Run out  Within 0.02 mm, Sampling and using special inspection tool to measure 50 pieces
Repeated accuracy  Within ± 0.03 mm, Sampling and using special inspection tool to measure 50 pieces
Roundness Within Ra 0.003 mm 
  Roughness                                                                            Witnin Ra 0.4
Air Pressure 0.4-0.6 Mpa 
Water discharge 20L/Min 
Wheel  CBN Wheel ( Customized )
Wheel speed 60m/s 
Total power 12 KW
Current  380V/50Hz
Machine Size  2200x1857x1913 mm
Machine Weight  3500 KG

Main Features

  • Taiwan imported mechanical spindle;

  • Workpiece spindle ( 2000 rpm ) with angular contact bearing. Driven by servo motor, Digital input. and the speed can be adjusted: 0~1000 rpm.

  • Speed of grinding wheel: 60m/s;

  • The machine can dressing and compensation automatically;

  • With autoloader and unloader system;



How does our machine work?


Q: What is the payment terms?

A: 40% T/T in advance, the balance paid before shipment

Q: What is the capacity of engine valve production line?

A: The capacity of this line is 3500~4000 pieces/8 hour. 7000~8000 pieces/2 shaft/day. The real capacity is up to the size of engine valve and the skill of operator.

Q: How Many people are needed from raw material to ready valve?

A: We can provide completely engine valve production line from raw material to ready valve. We can alsp provide technical support for processing engine valve. it will need 15~20 people for this line. Our machining line just need 2~3 people. (it is up to the skill of operator).

Q: What can we do for customer?

A: Firstly, we are professional manufacturer for cnc engine valve grinding machine. We have more than ten years experience in processing engine valve grinding machine. Our technology adapt Japan and Taiwan technology and through many years innovation, the technology has mature.

Now, we have successfully developed fully automatic engine valve production line. And also put into use. Get good praise from our customer.

1. We can set up complete automatic engine valve production line according to customers needs.
2. We can make upgrade proposal according to customer real conditions.

3. Provide technical training for how to operate and install.
4. All machines have one year warranty. Within warranty period, Any questions except for man-made damage we offer the cost.
5. We can set up operation standard, technical guidence.


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