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Valve Seat Grinding Machine Valve Seat Grinding Machine

Engine valve seat grinding machine is suitable for grinding seat face of inlet valve and exhaust valve. PLC Control, Driven by servo motor. With automatic loading & unloading mechanism

Stem diameter :
  • 5-8 mm
Overall length :
  • 80-150 mm
Head diameter:
  • 20-50 mm
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Product Description

Engine Valve Seat Grinding Machine is special purpose machine for seat face of engine valve. Ranging from stem diameter: 5-8 mm, head diameter: 20-50 mm, overall length: 80-150 mm. The machine can single production and also can be connection production. Our equipment is continually upgraded with latest technologies in processing engine valve. 

Main Feature


Mechanical Spindle 

6000 rpm high-speed spindle. Adapts Germany FAG precision bearing. High accuracy and easy to maintenance and changeover

One year warranty

control system

Control system 

Adapts Mitsubishi PLC Control system, Mitsubishi motion system & Mitsubishi touch screen 

All parameters can be set and display on touch screen

Can store more sets program, you can choose according to different process technology

stem end positioning

Feeding way & Positioning way 

Precision sliding table composed of linear guide. Moving according to air cylinder;

Head face of engine valve positioning ,roller clamping assist.

loading system

Loading & unloading systemLoading & unloading system

The rails can meet different size valves and easy to adjust

The rest actions should carry out with grinding except for loading & unloading system 

Loading & unloading system has proper protection measures and don't affect the operator to change the fixture, wheel and other toolings

If the loading & unloading system is out of order, the machine will ring and stop the cycle.

Technology Parameter

Before Processing 
Processing Range Head diameter: 20-50 mm; Stem diameter: 5-8 mm; Ovrall length: 80-150 mm          
Material21-4N, 4Cr10Si2Mo  Imported: SUH:3, SUH:35, etc.  Hardness: 25-45 HRc
Stem run out: 0.005 mm , Head run out: 0.1 mm, Seat angle: 44-70 degree
Grinding allowance: 0.02-0.2 mm
After Processing 
 Run out Max ±0.02 mm
Repeated accuracy Max ±0.03 mm
RoundnessMax Ra 0.003 mm 
  Roughness                                                                 Max Ra 0.4
Air Pressure0.4-0.6 Mpa 
Water discharge20L/Min 
Wheel CBN Wheel ( Customized )
Wheel speed60m/s 
Total power12 KW
Current 380V/50Hz
Machine Size 2250*2550*2350 mm
Machine Weight 3500 KG




Finish grinding seat face of engine valve 

Valve seat grinding machine is special purpose machine for engine valve. It is used for finish grinding seat face of engine valve.

We have two types valve seat grinding machine. one type is used for conventional wheel, other type is used ceramics CBN Wheel


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