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3 Machines Were Sent to Guangdong Fuji

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Good news! Tianzhijiao shipped 3 machines to Guangdong Fuji on 22nd August.

Their models are VEC-380, MUG-A-2 and MUG-B-2. Guangdong customers visited our factory and inquired a lot of questions before purchasing them. Our staff explained our products’ advantages to them and showed them the operation of our machines. Finally, the customers felt quite satisfied with us and ordered 3 machines form us. They expected that we can have further cooperation soon.

CNC Valve Cut Off Machine


Before shipping the machines, we have communicated with our customers about many details to ensure that our machines can arrive there successfully and make our customers satisfied. We also shipped the products quickly and our products could arrive Guangdong before our customers return there. They would feel so surprised and content with us.


CNC Valve Cut Off Machine Model VEC-380 is used for cutting off the stem of engine valve and to control the total length. Using CBN Wheel to cut. High precision with high efficiency

Double Station Grinding Machine Model MUG-A-2 is special purpose machine for engine valve groove and stem end chamfer. It can process 2 PCS engine valve at the same time. Using CBN wheel to process. Increase the quantity and efficiency. Suitable for mass production.

Double Station Grinding Machine Model MUG-B-2 is special purpose machine for engine valve. It is used for grinding head OD and chamfer, rough grinding seat face. the machine is double station grinding machine. it can process 2 PCS engine valve at the same time. Increase the quantity and efficiency. 

Starting in 2003, Suzhou Tianzhijiao Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd has been designing and manufacturing CNC Valve Grinding Machine more than ten years. 

We are specialized in Special Purpose Machine for Engine Valve and provide accessories.  Many our customer use our machine all the time and have good reputation. Welcome to inquire and build cooperative partnership with us.



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