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Customer from India for Automatic Engine Valve Production Line

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Good News! Customer from India visited Tianzhijiao for automatic engine valve production line. After long-time communication and negotiation, customers from India finally purchased our automatic engine valve production line in October.

At first, customers from India found our company's website and saw all our products and company profile. They showed strong interest in our company and our products. They inquired our automatic engine valve production line in detail. After few days' online communication, they began to trust us and decided to visit our factory in person. 

Customer Visit

More and more customers choose to establish their own production lines in the local area because of fierce global competition. During the visiting time, Tianzhijiao staff introduced our automatic engine valve production line specifically according to Indian customers' confusion. We showed them around our factory and arranged our engineers to explain the working principles and design thoughts of automatic engine valve production line. Customer from India finally felt very satisfied with this visit and our products and we had a photo together. Both of us expected next cooperation in the future.

Suzhou Tianzhijiao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has been designing and manufacturing CNC valve grinding machine more than ten years. We are specialized in special purpose machine for engine valve and provide accessories. We have small, highly skilled team that offer a personal service worldwide. Welcome to inquiry and visit Tianzhijiao!


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