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Tianzhijiao Double Station Electrical Upsetting Machine was Shipped to Thailand

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Good News! The customer form Thailand purchased a double station electrical upsetting machine form our company in December 2019. We have arranged shipment as soon as possible to make sure our customer to receive products quickly.

Upsetting machine is special purpose machine for engine valve. it is used for forging head of engine valve. It supports manual and automatic loading & unloading.

After long-time communication and negotiation, customers from Thailand finally purchased our double station electrical upsetting machine in December.

Servo Control Electrical Upsetting Machine

In order to successfully export our electrical upsetting machine to the Thailand market, we have communicated with customers for many times and both of us have made very good preparations.

Starting in 2003, Suzhou Tianzhijiao Precision Machinery Co., Ltd has been designing and manufacturing CNC valve grinding machine more than ten years. 60% of our machines are exported Japan, Indonesia, Mexico, South-East Asia, Europe and South Africa.

We are specialized in special purpose machine for engine valve and provide accessories. Many our customer use our machine all the time and have good reputation.

We have cooperated with many companies till now and they all give our products good comments. We sincerely welcome more customers enquiry about our products. You can also contact us and visit our factory. It's our pleasure to be your guide and make you learn more about our company.


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