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The Application and Development of Engine Valve Material ( 1 )

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Exhaust valve plate of the diesel engine needs sufficient high temperature fatigue strength, and its material is generally iron-based Austenitic heat-resistant steel or nickel-based super alloy. mostly the Exhaust valve gringding and cutting machine can make the valve be perfect match with the engine, and you take a chance for Tianzhijiao Machine for better understandind and know about the machine manual guide.

Austenitic heat-resistant steel is para-magnetic at room temperature, can be solid-melt treatment and aging strengthening. it has sufficient low-temperature fatigue strength and good high temperature fatigue strength, and has good forging performance and mechanical processing performance. The machine made by Tianzhijiao are all automatic and easy to can see the machine line from the the video and our site.

Most of the iron-based austenitic alloy materials need to be carbonitride  precipitation strengthening. Ni-base austenitic super alloy has better high temperature fatigue strength than Fe-based austenitic alloy. and its strengthening is mainly through the precipitation of inter metallic compounds such as Ni, Al and Ti, but they are not easy forging and machining, The price is also very expensive. if you want to make the valve life be longer, then you need the plasma welding machine for fixing the both the tips and end.

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