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Chamfering Machine for Round Shaft and Tube

Chamfering Machine for Round Shaft and Tube Chamfering Machine for Round Shaft and Tube

Chamfering machine is used for grinding the round bar and round tube

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Product Description

Chamfering Machine for Round Bar

Production Description

Chamfering machine is used for grinding the chamfering of round bar.

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5. We can set up operation standard, technical guidence.

Main Feature

  • Grinding wheel specification: φ250x100xφ200-60

  • Surface roughness of rod end: Within Ra 3.2, run out: within 0.1

  • Transmit guideway is customized;

  • Ball screw center distance:110 mm, total length: 860mm, diameter: 53mm*18mm(screw pitch) ;

  • Motor specification: Y93L-2.2KW-4, wheel motor: Y92L-1.5KW-2

  • Grinding parts use cover to prevent the chips from flash, when commission, safety cover can be open;

  • Schneider brand electrical control, easy to operation, reasonable installation;

  • Processing range: stem diameter: 8-12.8 mm, length: 140-240 mm

  • Rail adapts horizontal slide adjustment, can meet different length products;

  • Cylinder and feed bin can be adjusted according to real size of products;

  • With clean hole on worktable;

  • Control cabinet connection safety cover, and install alarm device to prevent stuffing;

  • Full cover on machines and more safety;

  • Presser device uses wear-resistance material and install elastic screw 6 strips    

Technical Parameter

Item No.TF-50SM
Main motor power1.5 KW ( 2 SETS)
Main motor power brandGuanshun
The origin of main motorNantong
Specification of cylinderSCΦ100*125*one set   
SCΦ63*60-50* two sets
Brand of cylinderAirTAC

Electric configuration

1. Transformer 2. Breaker 3. Fuse 4. Contactor 5. Thermal Relay 6. Time relay 7. Intermediate relay 8. Limit switch 8. Switch
Working pressureMPA6-8KG
Range of ODRound shaft 5-20 mm   round tube 10-50 mm
LengthStandard: 70-600 mm  short type: 30-600 mm
Precision±0.1 mm
Material of workpiecesSteel, iron, stainless steel, Al, Cu, round bar, nylon, plastic

Standard configuration

1. Machine one set ( blade 2 pieces, installed in the machine)
2. Wrench 2 pieces   
3. hex wrench 1 set 
4. Adjustable wrench 1 set
5. Operation manual 1 piece 
6. Blade 6 pieces
Machine size1800*1000*1100 mm
Machine weight700kg 




Chamfering machine is special purpose machine for engine valve. it is used to process engine valves (inlet valves and exhasut valves) in cars, motorcycles, trucks, and other engine valves.


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