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What are the factors related to high fuel consumption?

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Car fuel consumption has tightly connection with the money, so what factors will result in high gas consumption? one important is high quality engine valve.

1) Reasonable speed 

The economical speed of the vehicle is generally 65~90km/h. At this speed, the fuel consumption is the lowest. It should be controlled within this speed. For different models, please refer to the economic speed recommended in the User Manual.

2) Artificially shortening the engine's warm-up time. 

After ignition, do not use high-speed driving immediately. Drive at a low speed for a few minutes, then gradually raise the speed. engine valve working smoothly.

3) Unnecessary Idle Speed Operation

 Idle operation for more than one minute consumes more fuel than restart. Therefore, if the parking time is long, the engine can be turned off.

4) sudden acceleration and deceleration 

Frequency is too large to maintain the vehicle speed in the smooth, avoid sudden acceleration and deceleration. Do not step on the accelerator to accelerate, this will only greatly increase fuel consumption;

5) Inaccurate timing of shifting gears engine-valve

Timely and accurate shifts, too early and too late will increase fuel consumption;

6) Inappropriate use of air-conditioning refrigeration system 

The air-conditioning system consumes a part of the power of the engine when it is in operation, but it cannot open the window to open the air when the air-conditioner is turned off at a high speed. When the vehicle speed is higher than 85km/h, the vehicle after the window is opened overcomes the air resistance. The fuel consumed is more than the fuel consumed by the air conditioning system;

7) Improper maintenance 

Replace the oil and gear oil in time. In addition, the “sick work” of the engine will also result in excessive fuel consumption. The user should be reminded to find out that the engine is working abnormally and should be checked in time. b. If the air filter is dirty or blocked, the mixture will be too concentrated and the fuel will increase. Consumption.

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